Arctic Blue Group is a seafood producer & exporter offering a wide range of live, fresh, frozen and value added seafood available from Norway.

Arctic Blue is a registered trademark implementing high quality standards. To assist our clients and suppliers in the best possible way, we focus on education, quality and training to give our staff and close associates a complete and thorough understanding into the catching, farming, processing and export of Norwegian seafood.

To provide our customers worldwide with superior seafood, we work closely with our plants, suppliers, close associates, freighters and distributors to develop new products and packaging, as well as new markets.

Arctic Blue will in the future continue to emphasize the supply of fresh & frozen high quality seafood to our partners worldwide.
Focusing on long-term cooperation with our facilities, suppliers and clients enables us to achieve our main goals: Superior products and regularity in supply.

Visit our product page for information as to what product range we operate within.

Arctic Blue

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